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About Frenchberry

Property Renovation

Passionate about property. For over 20 years, alongside career and children, I have renovated and restored 15 properties in various locations from London, to Geneva, the French Alps, to Mallorca and Brittany. Whilst location is always the most important critiera, I seem to have a knack for finding the broken, unloved and fallen down property that needs rescuing and bringing back to life. Ranging from urban apartments to a French chateau, an Alpine chalet, old stone cottages, and a few Maisons de Maitres. I love working with local artisans and project managing the renovation and restoration.

Property Consultancy

I have a solid experience of the French buying process specialising in both luxury and second home properties. From assessing the market, to trawling through the mass to find those gems with hidden potential. I have good contacts and can advise on French estate agents, notaires, banks, utilities and insurers.

Decoration and Interior Design

I always aim to keep as much of the original charm and features as possible, whilst modernising the space and bringing the house back as sustainably as possible to 21st levels of comfort and technical capabilities.

I tend to see my houses like an art project. I love working with local natural materials, light and colour, my aim is to put the soul back into the property and create an inviting space which works both ergonomically but also on another level in that it is somewhere you can relax and feel good.

Holiday House Rentals

Over a period of 15 years we renovated six houses and ran a successful holiday rental business. Our aim was to combine the individuality and comfort of a small boutique hotel with the freedom and privacy of a private holiday house rental. We sought out a selection of unique and special properties in  which we renovated and furnished to the highest of standards, with care and uncompromising attention to detail. Many of our guests were return customers, and closely managing the business a huge amount of experience was gained in everything from marketing to hospitality to property management.


I aim to carry out my  business in a sustainable and responsible manner, with respect for the environment and surrounding community.

For some more photos of our houses and the area please try our gallery. And for the latest Frenchberry news and pictures please have a look at our blog.

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