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September in Finistère is terrible. No, really, it’s completely awful. Although some believe that the Autumn months are the best month to visit Finistère in the West of Brittany due to the weather being beautifully balmy, the bulk of tourists having returned from whence they came and the sunsets being completely captivating… we are here to tell you that it’s all a farce! Autumn breaks in Brittany should be avoided at all costs, and here are the reasons why…

  • Due to the sun shining upon it all summer long, the sea temperature is at its warmest which will only serve to lure you in for an early morning dip. A warm morning dip in one of the local sheltered beaches will refresh the soul and provide a welcoming salty tonic for the body and mind. Who on earth wants to start the day like that!?
  • Finistère famously enjoys gloriously warm autumnal days where the fading golden sunshine still burns brightly enough to attract freckles on your nose and invites you to partake in a glorious ceStylish autumn breaks in brittanylebration of late summer sunshine. Here at Frenchberry we think that you’re far better off staying in the UK and leaving the last golden drops of summer sun to those who are silly enough to be reaping all that vitamin D and joyousness here in Brittany; we wouldn’t want you to soak up any more of that sunshine than you have to!
  • September is when families who have children settle back into the routine of daily school life leaving their summer holidays all but a fond memory… This means that people visiting Brittany in Autumn will experience quiet beaches, peaceful towns & villages, and the queues for the local crêperies are practically non-existent. No-one likes a smug know-it-all, so why would you become the envy of all your friends by choosing to holiday in Finistère during the Autumn?
  • With richly flowered clifftops, fiery sunsets and secluded coves flaunting white sands and azure waters, Brittany boasts a breath-taking kaleidoscopic display of nature in all seasons, but it is Autumn when it truly comes into its own. September in Finistère can be so inspiring that writers and artists often pay homage to the very special natural beauty found here, and are moved to paint or write about the beautiful scenes splayed out before them. There’s a very real chance that you too would be moved in ways you haven’t known before and we’d absolutely hate for you to be inspired to such a degree that you find your own creativity springs forth… we’d never forgive ourselves!
  • Brittany has numerous world-class restaurants which have enjoyed more and more popularity over the past few years. In summer, Michelin-starred restaurants carefully juggle the high demand meaning that sometimes advanced bookings of several weeks are necessary to guarantee a table. During Autumn in Brittany of course, the visitor numbers have somewhat depleted and top restaurants in Brittany can be much more easily booked, leaving customers to enjoy a more peaceful and enjoyable restaurant experience. We’d hate for you to over-indulge on fine food and carefully-selected wines, perhaps you’d best leave that to us…

So as you can see, Autumn breaks in Brittany are simply the worst! The locals and fortunate few who know about the beauty and magic of Finistère in Autumn would absolutely hate for us to be sharing little known secret. Please take our advice and leave us in peace to enjoy the calm, warm and wonderful beauty of Brittany in Autumn to ourselves. You’d hate it, we promise!

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