Property Consultancy

Having lived in Finistere, Brittany for the past 15 years, I am completely charmed by this magical location at the far Western tip of France. Reknowned for its natural beauty and rich traditions, the area has a quality of life that is second to none.

Buying, Renovation, Decoration and Management in Brittany

The Buying Process

I have a solid experience of the French buying process specialising in both luxury and second home properties. From assessing the market, to trawling through the mass to find those gems with hidden potential. I have good contacts and can advise on French estate agents, notaires, banks, utilities, movers and insurers. Particularly aimed at expats, I can offer a full service from property search, to help with the buying process and setting up, to installation in your new home.

Renovation and Decoration

My passion comes from renovating houses. For the past 25 years I have been involved in the renovation of 15 homes. Maybe some would call it broken bird syndrome, but I seem to have a knack for finding that rotten and delapitated property that has been unloved and untouched for years, and an uncomprehensible desire to bring it back to life again. I enjoy working with builders and local artisans, and thinking how the property might best be brought up to modern standards, while keeping as much of the original character and charm as possible. Well aware of the trials and tribulations of managing a second home, as well as trying to manage a renovation from afar. I am happy to offer my contacts and skills, help to obtain quotes, meet with local trades people, and co-ordinate and report on the project in hand. Sometimes it is really handy to have a second pair of eyes on the ground for verification that the work is progressing as wished or has been completed, and an understanding of the local communcation process!

Holiday Houses – Running a Successful Gite Business

Over a period of 15 years we renovated six houses in Brittany and ran a successful holiday rental business. Our aim was to combine the individuality and comfort of a small boutique hotel with the freedom and privacy of a private holiday house rental. We sought out a selection of unique and special properties in  which we renovated and furnished to the highest of standards, with care and uncompromising attention to detail. Many of our guests were return customers, and closely managing the business a huge amount of experience was gained in everything from marketing to hospitality to property management. I can offer sound advice on how to set up and market your holiday home for rental, and avoid many of the pitfalls.

Why Brittany?

Having lived now in Finistere for over 15 years, I am completely in love with this wild and magical corner of France.

The coastline is varied and unspoilt, and authentic villages appear untouched for centuries with beautiful stone houses that cluster around intricate churches. Having seen many of the ‘best’ beaches in the world, Finistere can offer some that are the equal to any other. The spectacular coastline has everything from big open surfing beaches, to sheltered intimate coves. The water is extremely clear in the summer and even in peak season, the best beaches are never crowded. One can walk the coastal paths, surf, sail, and windsurf. For lovers of fine food, there is nothing quite as satisfying as shopping at a French food market, the variety of local produce and specialities is a real treat for ‘Les gourmandes’. Eating out is consistently excellent and good value, whether it’s a simple bistrot, or a chic, sophisticated Michelin-starred establishment, there is choice for all tastes. Spectacular parks, gardens and chateaux are easy to find, and kids always enjoy all the outdoor activities on offer.

The quality of life is second to none.

Brest, Nantes and Rennes airports have good connections.

Quimper is the nearest train station with a TGV service to Rennes and Paris.

The roads in Brittany are of good quality, for the most part quiet and it is very unusual to experience heavy traffic.

Please look at my Blog for more information on the local area, and the Brittany Gallery for more images of Finistere.