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Concarneau – a nice day out from any of our houses

By April 13, 2012May 15th, 2013Luxury Houses in Brittany

Concarneau is an easy 30 minute drive from Quimper and the gatehouse, 1hr 20 minutes from Primelin (Ty Traez and Ty Bili) and Lostmarc’h.

Having developed around the fishing industry, Concarneau naturally evolved around the port. Originally built on a little island that quickly became fortified into a ‘Ville Close’, this town then spread out into tinning factories, putting its fish to good use.  A lovely coastal walk allows you to discover the fishing ports, the marina, the white sandy beaches and the curious rocky creeks of this attractive spa town.

Concarneau’s fortified town dates back to the 1300s and was linked to the mainland with a bridge. Many picturesque and appealing timbered houses can be found within the walls of this hidden town, along with gable ends decorated with flowers, winding cobbled streets with restaurants and boutiques, that are particularly well known for their yummy things to eat. You can even climb up to the ramparts and enjoy a new perspective over the fishing port, shopping streets and blue waters. One of the shortest, but very enjoyable boat trips is ‘Le Petit Bac’ from the end of the Ville Close which takes you across the mouth of the port to the other side. From here you can take an enjoyable coastal walk towards the boulder beaches of Le Cabellou.

Beyond the walls of the Ville Close, be sure to visit the market halls – even these walls date back to 1855 – the modern church with its remarkable mosaïc, the traditional houses and the coastal walk. Also take a look at the Fishing Museum, the Marinarium and the nearby Château de Keriolet.

The Heritage Events service organises guided visits as well as children’s workshops. There are also suggested walks you can take, following ten information panels placed in the centre, along the seafront, in the Ville Close and along the passageways.

On Monday and Friday morning you’ll find a lively open air market, as well as the daily indoor market, and of course a wide range of shops in the town centre.

Concarneau is also well-connected with artists and galleries, including all genres from traditional and local to contemporary and global. Equally, there are various cultural activities and festivals.

Concarneau has a good choice of restaurants to choose from but a favourite for its’ location is Le Nautilus in the Hotel de Sables Blancs. Not only is the food good, but the terrace bar which looks over the sea and beach is a lovely spot to have a glass of wine or a beer and watch the sun go down over the sea.

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