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Interior Design, Renovation and Decoration

“The circular economy is vital to help address climate change and other global challenges” Ellen Macarthur Foundation

“Compared to demolition and new construction, by simply repairing, refurbishing and retrofitting exisiting structures, renovations can offer more cost effective, less resource intensive, and lower emissions in the built environment.”

My inspiration for designing and decorating a home comes from my love of travel, the natural environment, the light, local surroundings and traditional materials, as well as from the character of the house and the space within.

Passionate about property. For over 20 years, alongside career and children, I have renovated and restored 15 properties in various locations from London, to Geneva, the French Alps, to Mallorca and Brittany. Whilst location is always the most important critiera, I seem to have a knack for finding the broken, unloved and fallen down property that needs rescuing and bringing back to life. Ranging from urban apartments to a French chateau, an Alpine chalet, old stone cottages, and a few Maisons de Maitres. I really enjoy working with local artisans and project managing the renovation and restoration. Over time I have accrued a wealth of knowledege and experience and whilst it is almost always a challenge, I love the fact that I am always learning and there is something magical about bringing an old delapidated property back to life or rescuing a space that has been neglected.

Featured in various newspapers and magazines you can read more about my renovating ‘life story’ in the magazine French Entrée here.

I am currently working on restoring two 19th century houses in Finistere which had been un-lived and un-loved and reached a state of no return. These have been taken back to the bare bones and I am hugely enjoying overseeing the complete renovation to bring them back to what I hope will be comfortable and sustainable homes for 21st century living. You can follow these projects on Instagram @frenchberry_deco

If you would like design or decoration advice, help with contractors, renovations or sourcing materials. Please contact me for a quote.