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Lostmarc’h on the Crozon Peninsula

Right at the end of the Crozon peninsula, just a pebble’s throw from one of the most beautiful beaches in Brittany, sits Lostmarc’h. This tiny listed village (yes, the whole village really is that special) is surrounded by a sprawling natural landscape which is highly protected due to it being an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Our traditional stone cottage is one of just a handful of authentic dwellings in Lostmarc’h, and is particularly charming in that it can be found at the end of a lane just before the wild and dramatic landscape dips into the sea beyond. Once you have unpacked your suitcase and acquainted yourself with your surroundings here in Lostmarc’h, you’ll feel a million miles from anywhere. All your stresses and strains will become as distant as the white clouds which flit on the horizon…

Guests who stay with us are often amazed by the striking contrast between the Mediterranean-like eastern side of the Crozon peninsula and the much wilder western shore, which is clearly Atlantic. We pride ourselves on providing guests with a comprehensive house guide which introduces the area, and are happy to share with them some hidden gems we have found over the years- quite literally!

Amethyst Gems on the Cap de la Chèvre

The coastline all around Lostmarc’h hides a very special secret and one of our favourite unspoiled beaches on the Cap de La Chèvre perhaps demonstrates this most beautifully. Here you can find thousands of twinkling amethyst gem stones set in the cliffpaths and within the face of the cliffs along this stretch of Finistere coastline. The whole area is of great geological interest due to this natural phenomenon. Nearby St Hernot has an interesting mineral museum which might help explain why the crystals and veins of amethyst appear in the footpaths and cliffs here on the Cap de La Chèvre. We love to visit our secret spot near Rostudel out between the point of Cap de la Chèvre and La Palue beach to admire the glint of pretty purple stones on the coastal footpath. The beauty of the lavender-hued stone is rivalled perhaps only by the vibrant purple heather which spreads like an indigo wildfire across the dramatic coastline.

The hidden natural beauty to be found when staying here at Lostmarc’h is just one of the hidden secrets of this area that we can’t wait to share with you…

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