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Luxury is one of those hard words to define. Like beauty it is in the eye of the beholder and means different things to different people. To some luxury may be gold taps, marble baths, and butlers, for others something as simple as lying in the dappled light of an oak tree in complete peace and quiet. Over the years with our Frenchberry holiday houses we have put a lot of thought into what constitutes luxury.

Luxury is a good nights sleep.

When decorating our holiday houses we started out with the beds, making sure that we bought high quality comfortable beds of the type that we would wish to sleep in every night. The best pillows and duvets that we could find, combined with beautiful white high cotton thread count bedlinens from The White Company and Soak and Sleep. What could be more luxurious than jumping into a super comfortable bed made up with fresh white crisp cotton bedlinen.

Luxury is a warm hot shower.

Our bathrooms are modern and clean and made for pampering, with white fluffy towels and natural bath products.

Luxury is home cooked food.

If luxury for you is cooking a home cooked meal to eat with your family and friends. The kitchens in our holiday houses all have top quality appliances, electric fan ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, espresso machines, kettles, and toasters. Ample pots and pans, nice crockery and cutlery, and all the utensils you should need. Each house has an indoor and outdoor dining area made for memorable meals.

For us luxury is found in some of the simplist things.

Luxury is ….. waking up in the morning and walking onto a pristine beach where yours are the first footprints. See our holiday house in Lostmarc’h for the ultimate luxury beach experience.

Luxury is …. the freshest raw ingredients collected from the organic vegetable gardens next door to Kistinic. From ground to table in minutes, and taste the difference. See our holiday house The Gatehouse.

Luxury is …. finding yourself alone on a coastal footpath in stunning scenery in the middle of August, and swimming off a small creek. See our holiday houses Ty Traez and Ty Bili.

Luxury is ….. driving to the beach in August on traffic free roads and not having to look for a parking space, or pay for it either!

Luxury is ….. collecting fresh langoustine straight off the fishing boats and driving home and having them for dinner.

Luxury is …. walking through the woods in your own private park at Kistinic (well we might be there too!)

When I asked my daughter what she thought luxury is…. her reply was warm, comfort and WIFI!

For me luxury is ….  an apple and caramel crêpe from the small hole in the wall creperie at the end of the world in Penmarch!

Who can say if our holiday houses are luxury, it is a personal thing, and not everyone will agree, but we hope to have made every effort to provide for you all the ingredients that make for a comfortable and cosseted holiday.

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