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The pointe du Millier and The Moulin de Keriolet are a short trip from Ty Traez and Ty Bili, or The Gatehouse and make for a great day out whatever the weather. Situated on the North Coast of The Cap Sizun, there are signposts on the road between Douarnenez and the Pointe du Van. Here you can go for a beautiful coastal walk no matter what the weather. In summer if the tide is out there is a very lovely beach which you can climb down to.  If you walk to the right and past the lighthouse at the point, the path will drop down through a wooded area and then when you reach a small creek, here, turn in land and follow the footpath, you will arrive at a beautifully restored and working water mill, which grinds flour (which incidently makes the most delicious bread!) and is open daily. Here you can buy a variety of local produce and see the workings of the mill. It is a real gem. If you walk to the left, the views get better and better around each corner and after about an hour you will arrive at the beautiful sandy beach of Pors Peron. Take a picnic! This is one of our favourite places to visit.

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