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The  stunning Pointe du Raz is one of France’s mythique ‘Grande’ sites and is situated only 8km from Ty Traez and Ty Bili. To appreciate the true wonder and splendour of this wild cape it is best to walk in from either side along the coastal footpath.

You can start from one of the small ports such as Bestree, or for a slightly longer walk from Feunteun Aod, or take a circular walk from Lescoff taking in both sides of the Pointe. From the tip on a clear day you can look across to the lighthouses and Ile de Sein, and watch the local fishing boats negotiating the strong currents as they fish for Sea Bass. The Pointe du Raz is at it’s most spectacular in times of wild stormy weather, this is often where the locals come to ‘storm watch’. The waves are really impressive, but care must be taken as winds can often often go above 100km an hour.

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