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Guest Reviews Lostmarch

These guest reviews from some of our lovely August holidayers at our house at Lostmarc’h brought a smile to our faces.

20 Aug. 16* “The saddest day here, is now, when we are packing to leave. Such a wonderful stay. The only thing I could suggest would be something to hold onto when taking a shower. I’m 76 and felt a bit unsure but the rest of the family kept shoving me back in! Such beauty and comfort in one place, thank you Claire and Andrew.”

“A beautiful spot perhaps the prettiest in Brittany so far! The weather has been stunning and the sunsets spectacular. It is difficult to tear yourself away from everything here.” Alison, UK

26 Aug. 16 “We too have had a wonderful week. The cottage is well-equipped, beautifully decorated and also relaxing. The views from the terrace and garden have been gorgeous and the proximity to the coast a real treat. Our car was less keen on the location, the parking sensors go bananas everytime we drive down the little lane!

We had many visits to the glorious Lostmarc’h beach which was brilliant for ball games, walks and body boarding, and noting the ratio of make to female nudists. About 12- 1 on average each day we reckon. We had enjoyable visits to Pen Hir, Camaret, Ile Vierge and Morgat but spent most of our time locally as it is so very, very nice here! Our 9 and 7 year olds loved the Parc Crozon Accrobranche, which is so much better than any Go Ape type activity at Centerparcs and was only brought to an end for us by the arrival of a thunderstorm. Trees + lightening + children clipped to high wires = very worried staff hurrying everyone down! The other big excitement of the week was nearly stepping on a snake about 200m along the coastal path on our first day. We think it was a whip snake (thanks google). I hope the next visiting group enjoy themselves as much as we have. We’re off to watch the sunset from the beach one last time.” Sharon, UK

*I corrected the date it should have been Friday 20 Aug, not July!

Aug 2016 Guest Reviews

Aug 2016 Guest Reviews for Lostmarc’h

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