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Early December and the sun is shining, a short drive from Ty Traez and Ty Bili we found ourselves on the north coast of the Cap Sizun. Starting from Kastel Koz we followed the footpath to the west towards the Point du Van. The views were stunning as we looked out over the sea towards the Cap de La Chevre. The heather, the birds, the rock formations. We found it unbelievable that we had this whole wonderful world to ourselves.

The coastal footpath, (GR34) runs uninterrupted for the whole length of the coastline, and starting from any of the numerous points, you will be rewarded with beautiful views, and an amazing coastal landscape. The walking is as accessible for those who want to take a short walk and a good breath of fresh air,  to those who wish to take a full day hike each day of the week. The north coast is largely granite, and broken up by beautiful small sandy beaches along the way. There are not really any amenities, so it makes sense to pack a picnic and take a bottle of water with you.


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